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Kentucky Corn Planting Window May Extend Due to Weather Delays
Kentucky Ag Connection - 06/09/2023

Kentucky growers are facing delays in corn planting due to unprecedented flooding and the wettest April on record. As a result, many producers are considering switching some areas from corn to soybeans.

According to the Kentucky Weekly Crop and Weather Report, only 17 percent of the state's corn crop was planted by May 1, significantly behind previous years' progress. To reach optimum yield potential, corn is traditionally planted by May 10-15 in Kentucky, with the southwestern regions leading the way.

Producers must allow fields to dry out for at least a week, with areas along rivers and in creek bottoms requiring up to two weeks. Current weather conditions indicate that planting may commence between May 20-27.

High corn prices compared to soybeans are expected to influence growers' decisions, as corn profitability remains favorable. However, the latest possible planting dates for profitable corn cultivation will vary depending on soil quality and location.

Growers are advised to contact their crop insurance agent to understand the implications for preventative planting, as this may affect their choices. While planting dates do affect yields, other factors like weather and soil conditions also play crucial roles.

Therefore, even late-planted corn holds the potential for good yields. Growers are encouraged to exercise patience and wait for favorable soil conditions to avoid complications such as sidewall compaction.

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