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Kentucky Ag News Headlines
Don't Use Tanks That Have Been Used to Haul Fertilizer for Hauling Drinking Water for Cattle
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/19/2024
Tanks that are used to haul nitrogen-based fertilizer should not be used to transport drinking water for cattle as there is a risk of poisoning. Any nitrogen remaining in the tank can potentially cause nitrate or non-protein nitrogen (urea) toxicosis in ruminants (depending on form of fertilizer). It's very difficult to ensure all the nitrogen has been removed from the tank, even if you wash it thoroughly. . . .

Kentucky speeds up medical marijuana access
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/19/2024

U.S. Department of Commerce Invests $752,000 to Support the Agriculture Production Sector in Martin County, Kentucky
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/18/2024

Kentucky gets new solar center in Nucor deal
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/18/2024

Deadline approaching for dairy margin coverage program
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/18/2024

Managing Risk in a Risky Business
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/17/2024

Kentucky expedites medical marijuana program
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/17/2024

Kentucky wet spring delays planting but boosts pastures
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/16/2024

Kentucky beginning grazing school - spring 2024
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/16/2024

USDA Forest Service Invests More Than $232M to Support Schools, Roads, Other Services as Part of Investing in America Agenda
Kentucky Ag Connection - 04/15/2024

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